Imagine sitting across the table with Jette in Café Luna. She is wearing her beloved old hat with bird feathers around the brim, and her green eyes are shining with enthusiasm as she shares her love for this beautiful spot in Colorado where she lives with her husband James. Continue reading about Jette Finn here…

The Book

When you ask Jette about why she ended up here of all places, she starts telling you the tale of her life journey. From growing up in a tiny village in Denmark, to becoming an au pair in London and marrying a musician who later found fame. Then living with the glamour and shadows of the music world for decades until her marriage crumbled, and left her with her two boys to reimagine her life. Starting with healing her heart and finding the way back to wholeness. A journey weaved together by wonder – with threads of resilience and self love. “This is the journey the book ‘Through My Eyes’ is all about,” she says. Read more about the book.


I started my passion for photography many moons back in the UK where I lived for many years after I moved out of Denmark when I was 23 years old. I began to take my photography more seriously when I moved permanently to Colorado in the USA 8 years ago.

My eye for taking photos enters into the magical ,much like my book ‘Through My Eyes’ which was released in February 2022! I am a bit of a dreamer when I take photos just as I am when I write stories. Continue reading here…