My Book

Through My Eyes

If you haven’t read my memoir yet, I believe you’ll find it to be a life-changing experience. It offers insight into how to perceive the world through my eyes, written in poetry and filled with magical moments and texture of vibrant colours found in nature, clothing, and the fragrance of flowers and trees.

It explores spiritual moments and synchronicity throughout my journey with family and lovers.
The book delves into emotional moments of self-healing through divorce and offers a glimpse into encounters with celebrities, who are no different from any of us.

With short chapters spanning 227 pages,my book offers a concise yet immersive read. In the “About The Author” section found on the first page, I invite readers to discover why I wrote my book. You can also find two sample chapters on my website,along with numerous beautiful reviews that I hold dear to my heart.

One of my readers ,Eva Lykke, called my book “The Art Of Memory” a description that resonated deeply with me.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book, experiencing laughter, tears, amusement, and love within its pages. If you do read it, please let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.

You can reach me at

With love, Jette

Through My Eyes is available for purchase now at Amazon or on request at your favorite local booksellers throughout the USA and internationally.

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A Readers Review

A Lovely Journey

I so enjoyed this book. Jette Finn took me into every part of her story through her beautiful descriptions of sight, sound, texture and fragrance. It was an all encompassing experience of her quite extraordinary life.

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My Story

At 23 years old a fresh faced Danish girl heads to London to
become an au pair with only a small suitcase and her dreams in hand. In mysterious ways she’s guided headlong into the glamour and shadows of the pop music world. When her marriage crumbles she finds herself at ground zero with her
two young boys. Jette feels alone and lost. Can she reimagine her life? Is there a path to healing and wholeness?

Told with grace and style, sparkling with warmth and humor, this memoir powerfully captures the wonder and pain of a woman finding her way-a journey that enchanted, crushed, strengthened and ultimately healed her.

Read a section of the book here (PDF)